Welcome to HOLY NATION, INC.

Following a vision on Febuary 2, 2019, Kim Chadwell received during a fast, Kim founded HOLY NATION, a worldwide organization uniting holy people together to stand against the injustice of abortion and immorality forced upon God’s holy people.

Known as “Today’s Esther”, Kim is author of Dripping In Grace and founder of HOLY NATION, a ministry based on Isaiah 58, dedicated to training, education and support for the poor, and speaking against evil pushed upon God’s holy people.

From orphaned to owned, Kim has turned tragedy into triumph showing how everyone, with God’s grace, can grow and live in the fullness of happiness. Kim’s prophetic words have been heard throughout the world.

The Esther Calling

Kim first put out her Esther Call in January of 2019 after she received a huge prophetic warning seven days before the super blood wolf moon.

On February 2, 2019, during the first HOLY NATION fast, Kim had a vision. In this vision, Kim was given a specific assignment.

She was given two dates in the vision. One date was in May and the other in July for the public gathering in Washington, DC. The Covenant Renewal event in this nation’s capital, July 11-13, 2019, has been in place since Kim’s vision in February.

Kim’s Esther Call, the public call to the Holy people of this nation, is for us to assemble in Washington DC from July 11-13, 2019 to publicly stand together, renewing commitment to God’s Covenant and declaring publicly identity as a HOLY NATION before God. The early responders have now completed four fasts in preparation for the this event.

We are charged in both Isaiah and in Matthew to take care of the least of these. Christians, it is time to rise and become the holy children of God as we were created. Will you come and stand in the gap for the children either lost to, or at risk of being murdered by abortion. Will you March with us around the Supreme court just as Joshua marched around Jerico. Together, with God’s guidance, we can raise our voice without saying a word during the march, just as the people were silent for six days as they encircled the city of Jerico.

God is moving His children. Will you respond? What will it take, America?

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Do not miss this chance to stand in the gap with your Christian family in the heart of this nation.