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Ring the church bells. This is not an event. This is not a production. Simply ring the church bells!


To show clear identity that the church is not dead! To arrive for roll-call and to make our individual stand for what we believe and that we are willing to give all for this nation to return to God. It is a true roll-call for repentance.

It is time for the church to awaken, and to awaken to the serious lateness of the hour. This roll-call is to show our support to those standing in the fight for truth, for justice, and for our God. There are many in this fight who have not had the open support of the church and God’s Holy People. This roll-call is also to show support to the military who are fighting for our personal freedoms. The very survival of our religious freedoms are on the line. Can you forsake the world and unite the church? This is the moment all the years of church attendance becomes real. Will you arise and stand?


Find the largest church bells in your state or area and begin there. The time is short. This is not about denomination. This is about UNITY and the lateness of this hour. THE CHURCH MUST UNITE. THE CHURCH MUST RISE.  Be creative and pray for the connections to take place for a coordinated location in your area. Begin with the biggest church bells you can find and work out from there. Contact us as we will work to help connect people together,



1) Church doors are to be OPEN.

2) Begin ringing the bells at sunrise. Any state – any nation.

3) Fill your churches with people, with prayer, and with fellowship the entire day.

4.) Accept people as they are. Welcome each other. This Day of Awakening is vital to the survival of this nation.



  • Pray for national repentance.
  • Pray for the protection of those fighting against evil and standing for truth
  • Pray for the unity of the body of Christ
  • Pray for revival

Sunset – local time to your location
Have communion together.


February 5 is exactly fifty days before Passover. This is not coincidence. The only hope for this nation is for God’s People to rise and repent.


Please note:

  • Please be watching here and the YouTube channel for additional updates.
  • If for any reason the internet is disrupted or communication is not available, regardless for any reason: THE RINGING OF THE BELLS WILL TAKE PLACE. In other words, even if there is a blackout, the bells ring!

Please email us of your participation and location to include in the world map!