What Will It Take, America?

The Bible says that EVERY knee will bow. Where will you kneel? At work in front of your friends? At home in front of your children? You are invited to journey with us across America as we pray over every one of the 48 continental states and we hope to also have Alaska and Hawaii covered too. Along the way we will also stop to pray at historical landmarks and other locations we feel could use some prayer. We hope that you will engage in your own prayer life as we travel with the Coffin of the Unknown Baby. Much like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, this casket is in remembrance of all of the babies lost to abortion. It is time for christians to rise from their slumber and make this country a HOLY NATION. Are you brave? Is your armor polished and ready? Do you know how to use the gifts which have been given to us by God himself? Follow us as we journey across this great nation and return to Washington, DC for our national convention and reading of The Declaration of Repentance this July 11-13, 2019. Help us spread the word on all social networks and use our official hashtags #followthecoffin, #maha2maga, and #HOLYNATION.