The Coffin Of The Unknown Baby

The Bible says that EVERY knee will bow. Where will you kneel?  May 1, 2019 began in Washington, DC taking the Coffin Of The Unknown throughout the nation, across all states, four times. Much like the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, the Coffin Of The Unknown Baby is in remembrance of all of babies lost to abortion.

The Declaration of Repentance, which Kim wrote during a fast, was placed inside the coffin and taken to each location throughout the 75,000 miles. The coffin stopped at every state line Рand a prayer of repentance said  Рfor the sin of abortion throughout this nation.

It is time for God’s Holy People to rise from their slumber and stand as a HOLY NATION.

The Coffin Of The Unknown Baby was taken by horse drawn carriage through the streets of Washington, DC. This journey throughout the nation began May 1, 2019
Photo of Kim in the New York Times. (They did not include the coffin in the photo.)
Salt Lake City, Utah
THIS is where the patents are held for aborted fetal cells. WiStar Institute. WOE UNTO PHILADELPHIA
Washington Monument, Washington, DC
The United States Supreme Court (They DO NOT ALLOW PRAYING.) Kim was immediately told by security to stand up.
Scottish Rite House of The Temple Masonic Headquarters. THIS is where all the points and paths meet - within DC and key locations of the world.
The Masonic Headquarters, in Washington, DC where all the measurements, monuments, patterns and pyramids around the world astronautically and mathematically meet.
New York
The Georgia Guidestones

Washington, DC

West Virginia
New Jersey
New Jersey
Las Vegas