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Live from 12,000 feet a passionate message at the completion of a 30,000 mile journey.

Live from 12,000 feet Intro to the full video.

Kim Chadwell (#127) Prophetic word 2:48 am

Recorded live from Washington DC. A serious ten day warning. NOTE: The sound is difficult to hear however WITH EARBUDS you can hear clearly.(We are currently working on getting the sound quality corrected.).

Prophetic word 7-29.PREPARE FOR EXODUS!7-29 PREPARE FOR EXODUS! PREPARE FOR EXODUS! PREPARE FOR EXODUS! Can you leave in an instant? Are you ready for the signal? Are you watching for the sign?To be ready for the signal you must have already circumcised your heart and have exodused the world.Exodus is now! Exit the world. Exit what you participate in and where you do your trade. Exit the ways of man. Exit the words of the world. Exit the humor of the pagan and the ways of the simple.My chosen people are peculiar. My chosen people are unique. My chosen people have the hearing of the lion, the eyes of the eagle, and legs as the gazelle. My People speak their own language and feast at my table of provision.The world mocks, and jeers, and laughs, and dances; while their own body is decaying in the pit. Wisdom is calling! Wisdom is calling! Wisdom is calling! The signs are here. The world is churning as the ocean reveals the movement of the Creator.Holy People, your exodus is near! Can you leave the ways of the world? Can you give up the trades of man and live by provision of your Maker? I feed the sparrows and the lilies – the Holy KNOW I shall provide.Do not error as the people of the past. Do not exit to only then not obey. You may exit to save your body but to not obey will cause you to lose your soul. Obey now. Separate now. The exodus begins before the physical walk.The Holy already are separate. The Holy already know persecution. The Holy already know provision. The Holy already know obedience. You must know these things before I call for the exodus of the Holy to take them to a land I have prepared for them.Begin now. There can be no hesitation. I am watching. I am watching. I am watching for the exodus of the heart.Soon shall be the exodus of the Holy.He who has ears, let him hear.

Prophetic word 7-19 2:58 am Serious warning. Wind, blood, and water are coming soon to the earth.

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